New Pokies in 2018

Because we are well aware of your unfading love for the game of pokies and, because we know you probably do not have as much time as you would like to have to spend doing all the research and testing out the latest releases, we have decided to complete this task for you. We have tested a few of the new slot machines and new pokies games that have seen the light of day during the first few months of 2012 and we are going to tell you all the juicy details on them, as well as the ways they are being played.

New Pokies 2018: Untamed Giant Panda Slot Game

Untamed Giant Panda is one of the first releases we have chosen to talk to you about. The game promises to be a 243-ways-to-win pokie game and it is also a game that features top-notch graphics that is superior as compared to similar games of pokies. The Untamed Giant Panda logo is to be seen everywhere and it comes to replace all regular symbols, except for the Panda Eyes. The moment the Panda Eyes will trigger the Lucky Nudge Free Spins special feature, at the end of a few spins players will get the chance to win 10 free spins. These spins are not to be retriggered afterward, but the presence of the Brilliant Wilds or the Untamed Giant Panda symbols will definitely present a lot of interest to pokie fans, as they will continue to trigger free spins instead. Up to $180,000 are to be won during this new pokies game, so you might want to put a pin in it. Playing for real money is going to imply downloading the casino software that comes for free, registering a real account and making a deposit. Collecting your bonus will be the next logical step to do.

The new slot game has been released under to attentive surveillance of the fellows at Microgaming. Choosing the “Your Gamble Game” option while playing any spin is recommended, even during the Free Spins Game. Spinning the compass after selecting the odds of your gambling and gambling up to 20 times your original bet per each spin should be your main strategies here. Also, banking the rest of your earning could prove to be a pretty good idea. The game is quite captivating, as you shall see the earth being normally divided into two hemispheres on a compass; seeing the needle land on the side of the world that says “win” is pretty much the main goal of all gamblers. You can also choose to gamble until you are to reach the gambling limit.

As for the Lucky Nudge option, this is going to entitle all players who are passionate about these new slots games to auto nudge the reels from above or from below in order to trigger the very special Free Spins feature. They can also Collect a Wild and hence activate a wild icon that will be displayed beneath the reels; they can collect four icons and turn the entire reel wild for four spins.