Everything that You To Know About Thunderstruck Slot Game

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Although the theme name of this super online slot may be very Aussie (thank you AC/DC), the Thunderstruck slot game is among the top rated online slot machine games anywhere in the world and is based on the ancient Norse gods and mythology. This legendary online slot game has so far garnered massive popularity across the globe due to its complexity and the various perks that it offers to the players. It is imperative first to learn how to play it to increase your chances of emerging the winner.


What is the Thunderstruck slot?

The Thunderstruck slot is a Microgaming release that is hinged on tales of Norse mythology and myths. It comes with dramatic soundtracks that make the whole gaming experience more exciting and fulfilling to the players.

It is a nine pay line game with five reels that transfers the drama and power from the glinting Thor’s Hammer to the god of thunder who is well known for his wind blowing super powers. All the low-value symbols are presented by molten playing cards that are strategically placed in a cast. On the other hand, the high-value symbols are related to specific themes of the game.

Some of the symbols that you should know and look out for when playing Thunderstruck 2 slot include a hunting horn, Thor’s home, the bolt of lightning, the hammer, Thor’s hand, and Thruthvanger of Asgard. There are also special symbols such as the pair of rams which acts as the scatter symbol. The main character in this game, Thor is an appropriately wild character that you will love to gimmick around with as the game progresses.


What You Need to Know About Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 slot has two main features with the Great Hall of Spins sub-divided into several combinations of free spins and multipliers. There is a Wildstorm bonus that you can leverage at any time to bring in a lot of wins. The Wildstorm bonus symbols expand thereby filling all the entire reels. You achieve a significant number of wins using one or two reels. 3 or 4 wins are enough to give huge payout that will motivate you to play the game even more.

However, the largest payout of 2.4 million coils is only achieved by hitting all the five reels as wild. If you have more than three hammer symbols, you will automatically qualify to enter the Great Hall of Spins where you will enjoy free spins with various multipliers. To achieve this goal, you will need to wade your way through a series of gods to increase your number of visits.

 For example, if you visit the Hall four times, you will automatically be rewarded ten spins and an incredible 5x multiplier from Valkyrie. You can also get 25 free spins from Loki who has magic wilds if you visit the hall five times while ten visits will prompt Odin to reward you with 20 free spins that are accompanied by wild ravens that have the ability to change the icons to make you the winner. The final stage is visiting the hall 15 times to get Thor attention- he will reward you with 25 spins with 5X multipliers.


Thunderstruck 2 Slot Bonus Features that you can Leverage

Free Spins

Thunderstruck 2 by MicrogamingAnyone who is accustomed and loves playing slots online loves free spins. Thunderstruck 2 offers some free spins that you can take advantage of to increase your wins. You will be automatically rewarded with 15 free spins if you can land three, four, or five of the provided ram scatter symbols. A 3x multiplier will accompany each of the spins!

The Thor Wild

The review of the Thunderstruck slot would not be complete without the mention of Thor wild. The game developers worked smart to create a superb way of showing how his hair blow in the wind to whenever he helps a player to achieve a winning combination. Every win that he features in is multiplied by two (2X).

The Gamble Feature

 Let’s assume you just won and would like to gamble with the loot, all you need is to click the “Gamble” button that is strategically located under the reels. By doing so, you will need to correctly predict the suit or color of the next card that will be drawn for a chance to 2X or 4X your prize. You can also decide to close shop and collect your winning at any point in the game, but if your predictions are wrong, you will lose it all.

Expert Feature

The expert feature offers a massive number of extra options to the players. Select it then hit the “Auto play” button to see all the options available that you can take advantage of to win as many coins as possible.


Device Compatibility of Thunderstruck slot

15 free spins on Thunderstruck 2The micro gaming technology has advanced regarding device compatibility and usability. The Viper software that this Thunderstruck slot 2 runs on relies on browser technology to determine and adapt to the device you are using. You can play this slot game on either iPads or Android tablets. Also, there are in-browser versions for both Macs and PCs.



Thunderstruck slot 2 is a cheery, entertaining, and fast-paced moving slot game that will test your ability to manage time and make strategic decisions. While at it, the background music tracks and the bonus features will ensure that you have a holistic experience that will motivate you to play the game repeatedly. As mentioned earlier, make sure that you understand the rules of the game to increase your chances of winning.


Are you ready to be Thunderstruck and get some of the greatest payouts and bonuses offered in any online pokie game?

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